Sustainability & Conservation

An ethical and forward-thinking outlook

At High Peak our philosophy is to consider the impact of our actions today and to also look to the future. We are always seeking to improve our land, not degrade it. We do this by applying best practice to everything we do such as caring for our animals, maintaining fencing, managing our own independent irrigation system and undertaking pest control.

A responsible approach to game hunting

A very important aspect of hunting at High Peak is that it is environmentally ethical. Because all of New Zealand’s game animals are introduced species and none are rare or endangered, hunters can feel comfortable that they are not contributing to the extinction of threatened species. In fact, because New Zealand’s unique native flora and fauna evolved in the absence of large mammals, hunting these animals is an important part of ensuring that their numbers remain in check. Maintaining these animals on a managed game estate also ensures a better level of protection for New Zealand’s iconic environment.

Active in the community

The High Peak team are active supporters of responsible game and land management practices in New Zealand and globally. James Guild was instrumental in the establishment of the New Zealand Association of Game Estates (NZAGE) for the betterment of the hunting industry in New Zealand, and High Peak was the first game estate to meet the NZAGE’s strict auditing criteria.

High Peak also supports a number of charities and fundraising organisations, including Disabled Hunting New Zealand and the Step Ahead Trust. We work closely with the New Zealand Deerstalkers Association to provide a venue for their training courses for young hunters.

Caring for our
precious resource.

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Caring for our
precious resource.

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Simon Guilde

Conservation Manager

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